This: The Begining

80 degrees finds me in a tiny tank top and yoga shorts, my bare feet pressed against the warm earth while birds orchestrate a song to bid farewell to the day as the tired sun begins its slow descent towards its bed beneath the horizon. Fresh shoots of twirling onion grass and Kentucky blue curl between my toes as I take a seat in a familiar spot by a favorite tree.

The images swelling in my mind are pure poetry but, today, I struggle to get them out onto canvas, instead, I have taken to writing. I have emotions as liquid as rivers coursing through my soul, aching for release, some happy and some sad, more sad than happy these days, however, I know there is a certain beauty to be found in the blue stages of life too. I cherish my ability to channel my emotions into whatever artistic form they take.

I am stepping forward and taking control of my life again, to do this, I have had to make changes, and will continue to make changes. Nothing comes fast, nothing comes easy, what I know is, it must come. I can't continue the road I am on currently. The initiative to do something arrives as single bricks, I lay one at a time, as I forge ahead paving the path towards a brighter future. I ask for acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, and support when needed. I deeply thank those who can provide this for me at this pivotal time in my life.

I am making a choice to include blogging as part of this process. I have a desire to share, inspire, and connect. I want you to know you are not alone, that we all have our trials and triumphs, that we all are unique stories, even though our struggles feel so individual in nature, they are not. We are here for each other, to connect and pull each other through the troubling moments and to celebrate our victories together. We are not a lone, no matter how alone we may feel.

I invite you to connect with me and others who have found their way to my little corner of the cyber world. Share with me and my readers, find inspiration and motivation with me, and most of all, find the strength to appreciate yourself for who you are, no matter where you are in you life. I welcome each and every person to my blog, my personal life journey; to my first post and my first step! Thank you...

Know where it is you come from, know where it is you are going.
Acceptance of self is part of the journey.
We are like plants;
we start as seeds:
grow to something more...


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