Doodling Wellness

I am always in a hurry to get somewhere even when I haven’t anywhere to be. This anxiousness feels untamable and if I dwell upon it too long, my breath becomes short and my heart begins to race. I often dream of sprouting wings to take flight; away from it all. I am dying to change, remake myself, and rebirth like the mighty Phoenix.

However, today, I am stuck! There will be no Phoenix moments, I entirely too sick to want to do much of anything, let alone burn to ash and grow wings. I have been dealing with horrible congestion, headache, fatigue, and aches. To top it off, my toddler is also sick, same as what I have but conjunctivitis in both eyes- this is going to be a difficult week.

I am trying to write, but failing miserably. My words have not been flowing well lately and honestly neither has the artwork. Dry spells- I hate them. Vehemently hate them. However it does need to be said, there is a certain inspiring satisfaction that comes when one opens a fresh back of Pigma Micron Pens. The doodling begins…

Today I played with the equine form, something I am most familiar with, Strathmore Artist Tiles 300 series 4" x 4" (small format) and let my imagination take off from there. It was as relaxing and meditative as it was needed. I wish I could write more, but honestly I am struggling for words and keeping my eyelids open has also been a challenge.

Enjoy! Until next time, when I am feeling better!


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