The Creation of Something More

Growth starts slow.
 Growth starts small. Growth, is a start!
Stand tall, stand proud, even if, at first, you stand alone.

This afternoon I sat on my front porch enjoying the overcast and rather dreary day. Enjoying? Yes, I was enjoying this day! I found a measure of solace in the gray world just outside my door. There was an intoxicating aroma coming from the blossoms on Sumac trees surrounding my property. Their scent laced the slight breeze with the subtle overtures of summer.

The songbirds chirped carelessly as if troubles weren't part of this world. Slightly envious of the optimism their shrill voices held, my mind wandered to previous years' Fourth of July celebrations. I miss them. I miss the way things used to be. I miss family members now long deceased, I miss old dreams I held so dearly, which feel out of reach today.

I am longing to be in Connecticut this week, with my parents and my son. Picnicking on the boat in Hamburg Cove, cooking s'mores in my parents' firepit before we light sparklers and watch the fireworks. Yes, that is where I should be. But I am not, I digress.

I am going to enjoy this day for what it is, just another day, another moment in time, where I have found myself alone, while my son sleeps. I am contemplating the artworks I have planned to make this coming week, the blog posts I have to write, and the strategy I plan to utilize to further grow interest in my LynzzLou blog.

I am slowly learning the blogging processes, including the business side, and while my purpose for blogging isn't monetary, it would be nice to one day earn a slight income from what I do share. So, while I grow my blog, I am growing myself and it is my hope that my blog will be reflective of this growth. It will be the conduit for the inspiration and hope I need to make the necessary changes in my life.

I will be delving into my personal life with my writings and my artwork. Please be patient with me, its quite scary to put the truth out there, where it can be criticized, condemned, or misunderstood. I am terrified, but I know what I must do.

The creation process is how I heal, it helps to release emotions that I have stifled and kept locked up. I have been experimenting with various forms of intuitive painting, meditative doodling, inspirational photography, and therapeutic art making. However, the difficult circumstances I am going through do enervate me somewhat, though, I am not going to let it all stifle me for long.

I can't, especially with my goal of growing wings and moving on with my life...

I am hard at work, working on me, the creation of something more.


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