Growth {Nothing to Fear}

This is how I grow. Words, pictures, emotions, memories; captured on camera, jotted in various sketchbooks, across canvases and fancy art papers, doodled on napkins. My gardens of lines, shapes, colors, where carefully tended flowers of creativity blossom. I find solace in my studio...I find a place to escape to, where I can get lost deep within myself and connect with my soul.

I'm challenging myself to reach further and begin again where I left off prior to the birth of my son. Start small and go from there. I'm taking the initiative to enter more art shows this year. Recently I gathered up the nerve to enter a drawing contest, The Cloth Paper Scissor's Zen Doodle Drawing Competition. I am actually new to exploring the world of Zen Doodle drawing, I have found it to be increasingly therapeutic and I have found my current explorative works of art have been influenced by what I have been creating with my doodling.

I know that entering and placing is a bit of a long shot for me, being that I am so new to this Zen Doodling movement and am still developing my style, but, little good comes from not trying and its a good starting point. Its a pivotal point of transition for me, to move outward and fully invest myself into creating for me.

I played with a subject I am familiar with, horses, when I created the following three doodles I chose to enter. I used Strathmore Watercolor Paper, Pigma Micron Pens by Sakura, and Cotman Watercolors by Windsor & Newton.

I will certainly keep everyone posted to how I do or don't do, I am just grateful I did something!


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