A Challenge {nothing comes easy}

A big reason people resist making a change
is because they focus on what they have to lose
instead of what they have to gain.
Don't fear letting go.

I am working on some most important actions I plan to take to grow this blog. When I think about what I need to do, its all actually quite simple- to make time to research content for my blog, take time to write, and devote time to create. My goal is to find a strategy that allows me to do all this daily.
It is TIME I struggle with a lot, and not for the reasons you may think. While, it is true I have a busy day and a lot on my plate, my biggest challenge, to date, is separating my work from my personal life. This is where this blog comes into play. It is therapy to write and to provide myself with another form of relief.
I am a "distracted" procrastinator. Worrying about all the madness in my personal life stifles almost every single ounce of creativity seeking to find its way to the surface for release. When the destructive forces of my personal life start to overwhelm me, I shutdown- I literally turn-off. I get so entirely lost within the worry in my mind, that I am unable to cope. 
{everything hits, like a ton of bricks: HARD}
The whole reason I'm starting this blog is to help me cope, manage my life, aid in healing the hurt, and connect with others. My blog is the verbal communication that allows me to be honest, vulnerable and open. It is a way for me to keep track of my progress, document and share my artistic endeavors, and a way of providing additional context for my work.

Additionally, I would like to set aside time each week to market my blog to the appropriate audiences. I hoping to find a lot of support in the art world! I look forward to connecting and following others who have a similar interests.


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