Lagniappe { be thankful }

For everything, there is a season.~Ecclesiastes 3:1
For everything there is a reason. I welcome the change and the chance to be able to do so!

I'm watching a small flock of birds dart from tree to tree from where I sit with my hot cup of coffee. I can hear the cattle calls from adjacent rolling pastures surrounding my humble home. I smell the fresh petrichor and the subtle hints of autumn on the light breeze.
All of this is beautiful and it is here that I brood over the meaning of life and contemplate the effects of everlasting time. However, this morning, I'm not entirely enjoying it as I would like to be, with company. Not just any company, but a loved one- gentle hands, strong arms, a tender smile, and deep eyes. I can dream...
Often, I conflate my imagination with my reality and sometimes this dissembles my perception of truth. Ahhhhh, but I fib, I don't know what truth is? Do you?! 
Truth can vary for different circumstances and yet it still does not lie. Truth is, our time in this life is a very special lagniappe given to us by the universe and all that remains a great mystery. Don't let your one life go to waste. 
My recent attempt at therapeutic painting was suppose to be jovial and uplifting, but I found myself identifying with reds, yellows, a touch of white and angry long broad strokes. So, it was a release of sorts. I've been thinking about a dear friend too, so perhaps there is a level of our shared frustration echoing inside this piece.

Full Of It: Acrylic paint on black Coldpress illustration board. No brush, just fingers and cardboard.


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