Positives & Negatives {equally inspiring}

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old, but on building the new – Socrates

My Daily Success Plan is not linear at this point and time. I am in the beginning of this, my latest blog, which I plan to launch in January 2016. Right now I am working on the design, and what I coin, "blogging warm-ups". Writing entries once or twice a month or when I have the need to spill my thoughts. I am OCD and need to get everything working together like a well-oil machine. Everything has to flow and connect. I want my FB pages, Pinterest, and Twitter to flow into this blog, both visually in line with the design work, and the content.

I am pulling this all together from many directions, and I am loving my rather chaotic war of sorting things out. I am drawing from my background in art/design, photography, and teaching, I can't wait to see where this journey takes me.

{So What Is My Daily Success Plan?}

It isn't two steps, it isn't three steps, in fact, I can't really keep track of the steps at all. Let's call it a jitterbug stroll with a touch of Rumba and a dash of Salsa. It's a controlled chaos and I like it that way. I'm embarking on a long journey of healing myself and rediscovering who I am. Art and expression are both my strengths and tools I bring with me. My success plan for blogging isn't going to be as detailed as others at this time, due to my life circumstances, but as things change I can see myself becoming more organized and hardcore about fitting it into a timeline.

Creativity doesn't hit me in a direct way, it just happens and my emotions are the vehicle that often drives my vision and the expression I choose as an outlet. I begin each day like a whirlwind. I work from home with a toddler and little support. 4:30am is a normal wake up for my son, then it's making him breakfast and doing some learning activities while I slurp a protein shake and coffee. Then, if I have time, I'll sneak to the gym for two hours. My gym has a kids' care center that can watch kiddo. A lot of times my gym trip is merely so I can get some downtime and solitude for myself.

Back at home I manage my son and work, I am a creative freelancer- Jack {Jill really} of all artsy endeavors.  It's overwhelming when you have no real support {this is the beginning of my story, what I'll be exploring throughout this blog, and what landed me here seeking a change and a chance to connect with others who either are struggling or have struggled through hard times. We need to know we are not alone}.

Change {something I need}

I know I am going somewhere and I have some place to be. I know this to be true, I feel it deep within me. I am equal parts excited and terrified of what I will find along the way. Change can be seen as another descriptive of progress. In life and business you really cannot have one without the other. How do I progress? How do I change? How? These questions are the foundation of my beginning, or more aptly put, my rebirth, my restart. I am searching for the person I once knew and the dreams she once chased: sometimes I catch glimpses of her in reflections; sometimes I recognize her. All types of journeys bring adventures.

Most will tell you that positives bring the best for people, but I know the negatives can be extremely beneficial and inspire change as well. It's takes courage and risk to spin negatives into positives and go forward. The challenges are tremendous but the successes fashioned from failures and difficulties are that much more appreciated by those willing to push through it all.

I have heard it said that, "something magic happens the minute you tell the world what you're doing. You stop worrying about all the excuses you've been making to yourself and start making it happen." Why? Because, when all eyes are on you, suddenly you become aware of every last detail in your life and your ambition is further fueled by public accountability. And... if people share your vision or are even the slightest bit inspired by you, your brand, and your voice, they will support you. Accountability is a vital role in the support process.

We need each other in this big world. When someone takes the time to read my blog, purchase my art, and engage with me; I understand that support is the essence of appreciation and accountability. They are telling me, "hey, I'm interested in what you have to say, who you are, your work, your brand, your voice, I want to hear, see, feel more from you. I need this from you!"

I'm fashioning my hardships into successes. Im creating artworks with real raw emotional soul. I'm opening up about who I am and where it is I come from and where it is I want to go. At this point in time, I am at rock bottom, we've all been there at some point in our lives. I tightly hold onto one of my favorite quotes, "Rock bottom is a firm foundation to build upon." I want my truth and honesty to be relatable. I will face judgement and ridicule for my choices, past and present, but if I'm my brand and I am representing ME, I shouldn't be lying or deceiving. I have to be the best I can be while portraying with honest truth, who I am. If not, I'm not ever going to be relatable or understood.

Genuine or nothing.


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