HelloFresh No.1 {Tomato Tagliatelle}

HelloFresh Tomato Tagliatelle
HelloFresh's Jamie's Easy-Peasy Tomato Tagliatelle With Fresh Basil & Parmesan
All photography done on IPhone 6s.

Food, cooking, baking; it's all a type of art. Taking ingredients and putting them together in a creative manner to make something delicious. Food is an art form in and of itself. It is something I love to do but have found myself struggling to find time to choose my recipes, shop for ingredients, and put them together into a delightful dish.

I have an active four year old to engage with throughout most days, a household to manage, and a business to run. I am pretty much doing this all on my own and finding the time to grocery shop and cook is difficult, let alone just sitting down and finding my recipes and writing lists of ingredients I need to purchase. Between Pre-k, Lunch Brunch, Lego Robotics, Soccer, Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, the gym, my workload, taking care of the house, getting my garden ready- I am stretched very thin and I do all of this with very little help. My brother recently recommended I try #HelloFresh, and that's just what I did.

HelloFresh Packaging
Three meals that feed four people arrived in a carefully packed box!

I was apprehensive at first because I thought it would be really expensive but after I did some math it was actually cheaper. I Iive in Northern Virignia and find the cost of groceries in this area to be rather high, especially if you are trying to eat organic and healthy. On average I spend about $245-$350 a week on groceries and household items, while other people I know in other parts of the country spend half that. Also, take in consideration that I live 35mins from the closest grocery store (27minutes without traffic).

HelloFresh Packaging 2
Each meal is packaged with ingredients needed to make it, in its own well labeled box.

Often when I visit my folks in New England, I bring coolers and stock up on a few good items while I'm there, where groceries are less expensive. I am an avid gardener and enjoy garden to plate meals and practice canning my own food, however this past summer I was gone for over a month and my gardens were not properly maintained in my absence, dispite being told otherwise. In all, I'm guessing I lost about one thousand dollars worth of food. I was pretty irate and disappointed but, I'm over it now (I think).

HelloFresh Packaging 3
Everything is arranged nicely and all ingredients are fresh!

I've been struggling through a creative drought since the beginning of the New Year. I've been dealing with some horrific illnesses, one being a nasty case of cellulitis I contracted while out of the country from one of the most tiny and insignificant of scrapes. Then there is always the personal life drama which really has a way of sucking the energy right out of you.

HelloFresh Ingredients
Having all the ingredients for a specific recipe at your disposal is really impressive.

I do sneak down into my studio and paint whenever the urge strikes, usually it is a short-lived urge but even a little bit goes a long way. Cooking tonight gave me a creative boost that I needed for an "art spark". I just may yet get down in the studio tomorrow! Fingers crossed please!

HelloFresh Recipe Booklet
Well designed booklet with instructions for each of the three recipes I will be cooking this week!

HelloFresh Recipe Booklet 2
Again, the graphic design is nice and clean and seamless and enjoyable to look at! The artist in me appreciates good design!

Let me say, I LOVED my first meal experience with HelloFresh. It was delicious with easy to follow instructions and everything was fresh. After doing some math, this month I actually saved $$$! So, I highly recommend HelloFresh for the active family, working family, single parent, or for those who are just trying to eat healthier and less processed foods and do more cooking. I don't know about you guys, but when I go grocery shopping for a specific recipe, I always come home with more than what I needed. Sometimes some Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux cookies end up in that silly cart. I really don't know how they get in there, but boy, are they good!

HelloFresh Ingredients 2
The ingredients...FRESH!

HelloFresh Cooking
The cooking process was so enjoyable with the easy to follow instructions.

All in all, I am excited about this venture and will continue to post about the food I make with HelloFresh!

HelloFresh Coupons
Bonus! Comes with coupons and offers that save you money! I needed a new filter for my LG fridge! Thank you HelloFresh!

HelloFresh KIddo
My advice for picky eaters, once you make the sauce run it through a blender to make it smooth! This little fellow here doesn't like chunky sauce and I didn't have time to blend it, so his was mostly buttered noodles :)

HelloFresh Leftovers
The serving sizes I found to be quite large, especially if you are serving this with salad and a side of garlic bread! So, if you are wondering, YES! I had enough for leftovers! To me that's money well spent! Guess what dinner is tomorrow?

HelloFresh Meal
I thoroughly enjoyed my meal!


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