HelloFresh No.2 {Pan-Roasted Chicken}

All images captured with an IPhone 6s using Camera + and Snapseed. The Pan-Roast Chicken was delightfully yummy, however visually it needed more color for impact.

This week has been difficult. Spring break means there is no school so I have a very antsy Pre-K kiddo on my hands and keeping him busy and entertained is a full blown chore in and of itself. I'm also dealing with a minor case of depression and in search of healthy ways to combat it and keep my mind preoccupied.

Again, wonderful packaging and all products are well packed and labeled.

This evening I was excited about getting lost in the kitchen for my HelloFresh recipe No.2, Pan-Fried Chicken with Dijon Mustard Sauce and Brown Rice. I couldn't wait to cook this one as I have never really used mushrooms before and the only time I've eaten them was back when I was in high school, my Grandma's stuffed mushrooms, and that was a long time ago!

HelloFresh does a stellar job with their packaging and labeling!

Also, HelloFesh has a great design team, clean work, eye-appealing, and easy to follow instructions.

I don't think I was as successful with this dish as I was with my first one. My finished product didn't come out as pretty as the one HelloFresh presented in the recipe booklet. I blame my lack of experience with cooking mushrooms. However, even the dish HelloFresh depicted, was a monotone composition and didn't have color to give it visual impact. I also know I used too much oil when cooking the mushrooms and making the sauce. It wasn't as visually appealing to me as the other day's Tomato Tagliatelle, although, it was actually quite good to eat! Even my son dared to eat the mushrooms with the chicken and liked it!

Products are always FRESH!

The meat quality is excellent!

I think if I had seared my chicken a bit longer to get some color on it and properly cooked the mushroom sauce so it wasn't as watery and the mushrooms browned up nicely, the plate would have been prettier. If I try this recipe again, I will be sure to make sure I do it right.

Though I didn't find the monotone color of the dish as visually appealing as the previous pasta dish, it was still very tasty. If I make this again, I will add some color to this dish!

Again, the recipe was was easy to follow, the ingredients were fresh, packaged nicely, and labeled well. Everything flowed and I was able to enjoy a nice meal with my son. 


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