Spring Forward {renewed}

The sky is never the the limit, it encompasses the infinite and with that, all possibilities that lay within.
So, since I last wrote, I traveled, A LOT! I came back with many stories of great adventures and so many images to share! I had my New Year's blog ready to post, ready to give this blog a steady heartbeat and bring it to life. My goal to post regularly and consistently once 2016 opened its doors. I discovered new found love for Iphonography and I am aim to show everyone just how amazing cellphone cameras have become and will continue to became.  I have amassed a rather impressive collection if imagery from my recent travels. Before I left for my travels I signed up for newsfeeds at the Iphoneography School and learned about so many amazing Iphonographers, applications, and techniques, which I plan to share shortly.

In the meantime, the spring daffodils are struggling to poke their heads through the frozen ground. Teased to green leaf by last week's seventy degree weather and now tormented from coming to head with the recent dusting of snow and ever dropping temperatures. They are calling for warmer weather again this coming week and this lifts my spirits somewhat as I am ever so eager to get outside and begin my own gardening.

Now, about why I have chosen this, the first day of Spring, to pick up where I have left off with my blog. It wasn't intentional by any means, the mere fast is, I was horribly sick for the last few months. It all started while I was on vacation and initially I had sustained a little scrape on the tip of my elbow was Canyoneering in Dominica. It was entirely insignificant, a little rock burn the size of my thumb nail. I didn't think anything of it. I had a wetsuit on, which on slide down, snagged a bit, and hence, I sustained that cut. No more thought was given to it.

A few days later, on my way home after a final stop in St. John's Antiqua, my cruiseship hit some really bad weather. We sustained 80 mph winds and 40' wave swells; the ship was rocking and rolling from 4:15 am to about late afternoon. The crew of the Norwegian Breakaway did a magnificent job handling the fowl weather and nothing serious happened overall. However, in the morning hours, I had lost my footing on my way to the bathroom, and knocked my elbow hard on a metal picture frame, the same one I injured in Dominica, again it was bleeding and this time the cut was much deeper, but still small and what I would consider insignificant.

My fear was I had fractured my elbow or at least suffered a contusion. I sucked it up, cleaned it, put a band aide on it and was able to bend it, while enduring some pain. I wrote it off as nothing to worry about. Now, fast forward to arriving home in NOVA with the threat of a huge snowstorm on its way. On January the 22nd, I began shoveling every hour once the snow started. I rough-housed a bit with my son, bumped my elbow, and it bled again. A few minutes later, it swelled up. I assumed it was from shoveling, and maybe I had broken something or it was a severe contusion.

I gave up my shoveling and began icing my ever-swelling elbow through Sunday. It wasn't getting better and I was worried it was broke. I checked the emergency room status as Northern Virginia, DC and the surrounding DC metro area were all on a State of Emergency. From the ER status, they were overrun and short staffed. I figured there were people worse off than me and I could wait.

Low and behold, as soon as the State of Emergency alert was lifted, I went to the Emergency room. Long story short, and much to my dismay, I was NOT in good shape and it was not broken, it was worse. I had a massive cellulitis infection that had gone untreated longer than it should have. Needless to say, I was in the emergency room for a good long while, hooked up to IVs, I had xrays and ultrasounds done on my arm.

The massive amounts of antibiotics I received via IV and then I was required to take for over month and half pretty much left my immune system compromised. Soon after I finished my antibiotics to treat that, I was down and out with double bronchitis, double ear ache, and massive sinusitis, enter more antibiotics and visits to the ER and doctors. I am now doing better, health-wise, but the medical bills are rolling in and I am none to thrilled about the cost! I just have to suck it up and know that my health is far more important than the money.
Now that I am feeling much, much better, I should say, I am back at work, will be posting more artwork, more photography work, and of course more blogs :) Thank you for your patience and understanding! I really appreciate it folks!

~love & light~


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