The Last Leaves {let go}

Autumn is change. Autumn is Nature's palate of color for the most amazing of artworks! Autumn is a season of living art!
Autumn is the natural world's way of progression; stepping back, falling back to rest, rejuvenating, only to come out of month's of slumber to reawaken more brilliant than before!
"Art enables us to fine ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."-Thomas Merton

The closing hours of Autumn have fallen away with each leaf that go of its bough, venturing downwards on the wind to eternal rest. Each leaf becoming the foundation for new life in the infinite continuum we call nature. Winter is just around the corner, I can feel it in my bones and the excitement for cold outdoor adventures is hardly containing itself. I see the anticipation on my young son's face, we are all eager!

However, right now, I am still reflecting on Autumn. It wasn't as colorful as my New England soul craved and it happened so fast. I've been dealing with the stress of allergies and now a sinus infection, which has slowed my progress down where this blog is concerned. I am planning on writing a blog post at the end of every month. Let's just consider this my November post! To be honest, I did start writing it in the first week of November!

Right now I am appreciating how our daily lives echo in the painted hues of each days' sunset, which complements the yellow and orange hues of the deciduous trees, as it sinks along the horizon, edging the days closer to the darkening hours of each night. The clouds remember our whispers and the blue sky absorbs both our tears of sorrow and joyous laughter. The stars, after nightfall, encourage our dreams, reminding us within their infinite glow, that the future belongs to us: keep reaching, keep wishing, never lose sight of your goals.

Remember, we can choose wherever it is we want to go and what we want to do with our lives. That's our choice and only our choice to make for ourselves. I've come to understand that choosing happiness is certainly not a selfish choice. Each day... is a promise we make for ourselves. Each day could be the last promise made. Keep your promises, especially the ones you have made with yourself.

A new day is a fresh start, a clean slate, take it by the horns and make it something! That's how I have to look at it. The sheer amount of angst and frustration I've been enduring for the last few years has been awful. The hurt I've experienced, unbearable. But I've learned to channel all that and make it work for me. I've learned to take the anger, confusion, and the uncertainty and make it all into something.

I wasn't prepared to be a mom, I was thrown off course and have spent the better part of five years trying to figure out how to manage motherhood with my personal career goals are, not only as a creative professional, but also, an entrepreneur with interests in running a farmette/homesteading business, as well as continuing my passionate interests in investments and the stock market. I love my son and the lessons in motherhood I've learned from him. I am a better person now because of my little boy. I have learned what my strengths and weaknesses are and having success in using my understanding of myself, to continue on course to achieving my goals. I have a new venture I have started with my father and brother that I will be announcing in 2017! I am very excited to see the direction it takes.

There have been some bumps along the way and some serious head knocking as the three of us learn to work together and compromise. I am not going to lie, compromise is very difficult for me as I like to be large and in charge! I'm very opinionated and driven, when I am set on something, I've usually set that goal in stone, making it very hard for me to change. Its an area I am working on and getting better at!

I've found reprieve again in creating art, the good old fashion way, by hand and with heart! The computer has been stifling and I hated spending countless hours in front of it. To be honest, I hate the idea of having to upload images, write a blog, manage social media just because that is really the only way to reach everyone. We are all plugged in! 

As far as Shadow Horse Studios, LLC. is concerned, I've kept my studio as the main business LLC and LynzzLou is the subsidiary, just like Glass Eyed Pony Photography was at one time. I have hung up my cameras so I can spend more time at home, have the weekends with my family, and go back to my easel, paints ready, and blank canvasses thirsty for my vision! I am hoping to have my own online storefront for my original artworks and products up and running for 2017!

Until later...

I hope that all my friends, family, followers, clients, and everyone else, enjoys their holidays and the New Year! Take care, love and light!



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