About Me

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
These beautiful words, from Mary Oliver's poem, The Summer Day,
remind and inspire me. They remind me that, first and foremost,
my life is entirely what I make of it.

These days I find myself nestled in the Furnace Mountain area of Loudoun County in Northern Virginia. I am a full time artist, inspirational photographer, creative lifestyle blogger, entrepreneur, homesteader, and mother. I love getting lost in nature (I'm a proud nemophilist), gardening, farming, fitness, cooking, and animals; especially horses.

I obtained my BFA from The Hartford Art School in West Hartford Connecticut and my MFA/MAT at The Maryland Institute College of Art. During my BFA studies, I majored in Illustration/Commercial art with a focus on digital work and painting, as well as double minored in Art History and Photography. At MICA I focused on art education, art therapy, and painting.

This blog is my zen, my yoga for my mind and a release for the emotions I carry. Life is not always easy, but that doesn't mean we should not grateful for the challenges that present themselves. Mistakes and misfortunes are necessary for us to learn and evolve, I cherish them and welcome them. I am always learning and hoping to see myself evolve in a positive direction where I can rejoice in the possibilities and positive outcomes.

I write and create to channel my emotions into something beautiful. I share it all, in hopes to connect with others, to show them they are not a lone in their struggles. We all struggle, face judgment, and hard decisions from time to time. I allow God, to guide me and support me, but as a independent thinker, I know my choices are my own, I must be accountable for them and I must be accepting of the consequences. I can rejoice in my successes and allow my failures to shape my drive and ambition to better myself.

I have been a full time working artist and photographer for a number of years. I ran a studio for commercial art and design, and while I loved it, I always felt a disconnect with my inner self with the work I was producing. I spent years creating and capturing for others and neglecting the urge my own soul had to sing artistically. Finally, in 2014, I had a complete burnout. I put down my camera after I finished all my wedding bookings, I stopped accepting design clients, and I took a break.

I spent more time with my toddler son, got out of the house, disconnected somewhat with all the technology in my life, and learned how to, once again, live in real time. I have been catching up on sleep and my own health and have seen many new possibilities unfold as I embark on a new path in life! I am eager and excited!

I hope that you may find some solace in my words and experiences I share with you. I hope you find inspiration and most importantly find an awareness of our shared humanity, realize that we are connected and very much a like. We have each other. I thank those of you immensely for choosing to following me, share with me, and also provide me with inspiration.

Lynzz Lou

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