My greatest gift: Heaven Sent
My son Connor
Do not neglect the gift that is in you.
1 Timothy 4:14 NKJV
I am not a religious person; do not judge me by that statement. I believe in God and Jesus as a prophet, but I do not believe in religions. For me, religion is a man made construct and nothing more. I find the Bible to be as beautiful as it is destructive, especially when in the wrong hands or taken too literally. That said, I cherish many of the messages and much of the wisdom contained within the pages of the Bible as well as additional holy texts of many other religions. I value them immensely as I find my way in this life, while I navigate through the rough currents that I am in.

All of life inspires me! The forests, the mountains, deserts, pastures, the Moon, Nature, animals, other humans, experiences with other humans, experiences within myself. My son Connor, is my greatest teacher. I find everything as inspiration, even the bad things I use as an inspiration to do better for myself so that I may be better to serve the rest of the world.

The soul experience of connecting with the world on a very spiritual level is deeply meaningful to me. I think it is also important, first to share my intentions for creating art and writing about the creative lifestyle are done out of pure love for my son. I want him to know that all I do is for him. I want him to see my ambition and drive put to good use, so that he knows how important it is to reach for your dreams and pursue your passions and to do so with pure intentions.

 Matthew 7:1-2
I am working on maintaining proper perspective! I invite you to follow me and try the same!

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